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Manzil Sixes Cup 2014

Camberley Midweek Cricket next AGM was on 6.15pmMonday 23rd Feb Royal Standard, Frimley Rd , Camberley.
Last AGM was on Wednesday 12th March 2014 6pm Royal Standard, Frimley Rd , Camberley.

New teams welcome. email Adam.

If your game is postponed or you get a result please email Adam.
if you re-arrange a game after 18th April, it is the home captain's responsibility to cancel the old pitch with Nicky, book the new pitch and email Adam and the other captain .

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WhenTypeHomeSorted ascendingAwayCan be sorted ascendingCommentsPitchBkd?Cfmd?
Thu 15 May 2014CupBAM NuttallvFernhill SchoolScoreFernhill 97-4 (73) beat BAM Nuttall 97-12 (25)WatchettsYesYes
Thu 22 May 2014CupBAM NuttallvHPpostponed now 31st julyWatchettsYesYes
Thu 31 Jul 2014CupBAM NuttallvHPScorehp 149-8 net 101 beat BAM Nuttall 142-9 net 88WatchettsYesYes
Tue 13 May 2014CupEASAMSvNokiaScoreEasams 123-4 net 99 beat Nokia 110-8 net 62WatchettsYesYes
Thu 29 May 2014CupEASAMSvBAM NuttallPostponed Waterlogged? now 10th June London RdWatchettsYesYes
Tue 17 Jun 2014LeagueEASAMSvHPHP Cancelled due to lack of playersWatchettsYesYes
Thu 10 Jul 2014LeagueEASAMSvFernhill SchoolCANCELLEDWatchettsYesYes
Tue 5 Aug 2014LeagueEASAMSvNokiaScoreNokia 109-4 beat Easams 106-7WatchettsYesYes
Tue 10 Jun 2014CupEASAMSvBAM NuttallEasams 70ish net beat BAM Nuttall 39 netArena LonYesYes
Tue 15 Jul 2014LeagueEASAMSvFernhill SchoolScoreEasams 114-5 beat Fernhill 113-7WatchettsYesYes
Tue 29 Jul 2014LeagueEASAMSvFernhill SchoolScoreEasams 75-5 beat Fernhill 73-10WatchettsYesYes
Wed 3 Sep 2014LeagueEASAMSvHPScoreEasams 203-3 beat HP 161-8Crown & C
Wed 4 Jun 2014CupFernhill SchoolvEASAMSpostponed again was 22nd MayWatchettsYesYes
Thu 12 Jun 2014CupFernhill SchoolvHPScoreHP 128-8 (80) beat Fernhill 118-11 (52) WatchettsYesYes
Thu 26 Jun 2014LeagueFernhill SchoolvNokiaScoreNokia beat Fernhill 91-5 86-8 12ovr gameWatchettsYesYes
Thu 3 Jul 2014CupFernhill SchoolvEASAMSScoreEasams 102-5 beat Fernhill 98-5WatchettsYesYes
Thu 24 Jul 2014LeagueFernhill SchoolvHPScorehp 122-5 beat fernhill 121-8aoWatchettsYesYes
Tue 27 May 2014LeagueHPvEASAMSPOSTPONED Until TBCWatchettsYesYes
Tue 3 Jun 2014CupHPvNokiaScoreNokia 146-10 beat HP 130-9WatchettsYesYes
Thu 17 Jul 2014LeagueHPvFernhill SchoolPostponed - Now 6th AugustWatchettsYesYes
Tue 6 May 2014CupHPvEASAMSScoreEasams 108ish-4 (85ish) beat HP 86-4 (62)ArenaYesYes
Tue 15 Jul 2014LeagueHPvNokiaScoreHP Forefeited may be rearrangedArenaYesYes
Wed 6 Aug 2014LeagueHPvFernhill Schoolcancelled was 17th julyWatchetts
Tue 19 Aug 2014LeagueHPvEASAMSScoreEasams beat 120-6 beat 119-4WatchettsYesYes
Thu 29 May 2014CupNokiavFernhill SchoolPostponed because of waterlogging now 10th June ArenaYesYes
Thu 12 Jun 2014CupNokiavBAM NuttallScoreNokia 151-5 beat BAM 138ish-8ArenaYesYes
Tue 22 Jul 2014LeagueNokiavHPCancelled HP cannot play 2 in a week now 12 augWatchettsYesYes
Thu 31 Jul 2014LeagueNokiavFernhill SchoolScoreNokia 104-4 beat Fernhill 103-6WatchettsYesYes
Mon 23 Jun 2014LeagueNokiavEASAMSCANCELLED by Nokia not enough players.WatchettsYesYes
Tue 10 Jun 2014CupNokiavFernhill SchoolScoreFernhill 85ish-3 Beat Nokia 113-11WatchettsYesYes
Tue 12 Aug 2014LeagueNokiavHPScoreNokia 78-4 beat HP 74aoWatchettsYesYes
Thu 10 Jul 2014LeagueNokiavEASAMSScoreNokia 134-7 beat Easams 82-10WatchettsYesYes
Wed 18 Jun 2014FINALtbcvtbcCANCELLEDArenaYesYes
Mon 5 May 2014NOTEvFirst Weekday Watchetts Available
Mon 25 Aug 2014NOTEvLast Possible Game at Watchetts
Tue 13 May 2014NOTEvFirst Cup Game
Tue 15 Apr 2014NOTEvEasams Nets 6.30-7.30 Arena
Tue 22 Apr 2014NOTEvEasams Nets 6.30-7.30 Arena
Tue 15 Apr 2014NOTEvNokia Nets 7.30-8.30 Eversley
Thu 8 May 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Thu 15 May 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Wed 21 May 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Thu 5 Jun 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Wed 30 Jul 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Wed 2 Jul 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Thu 17 Jul 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
Tue 22 Jul 2014NOTEvEASAMS Cannot play today
If your team cannot make a game please rearrange with other captain and let me and the council know ASAP.