WhenTypeHomeCan be sorted ascendingAwaySorted ascendingBkd?Cfmd?Comments
Thu 11 May 2017CupFernhill SchoolvEASAMSYesYesAbandoned because of Rain
Wed 24 May 2017CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSYesYesNo game, late cancel by Easams
Tue 6 Jun 2017CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSYesYesNokia 192-9 beat Easams 148-8
Thu 18 May 2017CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolYesYesPOSTPONED until 1st June
Thu 1 Jun 2017CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolYesYesNobs 140-7 beat Fernhill 133-6
Thu 8 Jun 2017CupEASAMSvFernhill SchoolYesYesFernhill beat Easams Scores TBC
Thu 25 May 2017CupHPEvFernhill SchoolYesYesNo Game, early cancel by Fernhill
Thu 29 Jun 2017CupHPEvFernhill SchoolYesYes
Wed 19 Jul 2017Camberley Midweek Cup FinalNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolYesYesCANCELLED Late by Fernhill
Thu 27 Jul 2017Camberley Midweek Cup FinalNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolYesYesFingers crossed
Tue 30 May 2017CupEASAMSvHPEYesYesEasams 175-9 beat HP 131-16
Tue 9 May 2017CupHPEvNokia Old BoysYesYes**********************>