WhenTypeHomeCan be sorted ascendingAwayCan be sorted ascendingBkd?Cfmd?Comments
Thu 10 May 2018CupFernhill SchoolvFluor CCYesYes
Wed 16 May 2018CupFluor CCvEASAMSYesYes
Thu 17 May 2018CupExilesvFernhill SchoolYesYes
Mon 21 May 2018CupFluor CCvNokia Old BoysYesYes
Thu 24 May 2018CupFernhill SchoolvNokia Old BoysYesYes
Thu 31 May 2018CupEASAMSvFernhill SchoolYesYes
Thu 7 Jun 2018CupExilesvEASAMSYesYes
Thu 14 Jun 2018CupFluor CCvExilesYesYestbc
Mon 2 Jul 2018CupExilesvNokia Old BoysNoNo
Mon 9 Jul 2018CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSYesYestbc