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Wed 8 May 2019FriendlyFluor CCvNokia Old BoysRAINED OFFCrown andYesYes
Mon 13 May 2019FriendlyNokia Old BoysvFluor CCFluor 160-7 (118) lost to Nobs 161-4 (137)Crown andYesYes
Tue 14 May 2019CupEASAMSvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardFernhill wonCrown andYesYes
Wed 15 May 2019FriendlyFluor CCvExilesmay be nobs v exiles cup gameCrown andYesYes
Mon 20 May 2019CupEASAMSvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoEasams 108-7 (66) lost to Nobs 168-3 (150)Crown andYesYes
Tue 21 May 2019CupFernhill SchoolvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFernhill 202-3 (184) beat Fluor 211-11 (145)Crown andYesYes
Wed 22 May 2019Cuptbcvtbc SPARE Krish to tell nick it is not neededCrown andYesYes
Thu 23 May 2019CupExilesvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 212-4 beat ExilesWatchettsYesYes
Tue 28 May 2019CupFluor CCvEASAMSOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 178-5 (148) beat Easams 166-5 (136)Crown andYesYes
Wed 5 Jun 2019CupExilesvEASAMSOpen ScorecardDrawCrown andYesYes
Thu 6 Jun 2019LeagueNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFernhill won 147-6 beat Nobs 134aoWatchettsYesYes
Mon 10 Jun 2019CuptbcvtbcSPARECrown andYesYes
Tue 11 Jun 2019CupFluor CCvExilesOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoExiles 150-12 (78) lost to Fluor 185-8 (137)Crown andYesYes
Thu 20 Jun 2019LeagueFernhill SchoolvEASAMSWatchettsYesYes
Wed 26 Jun 2019CupNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNobs 151-9 (97) beat Fluor 145-11 (79)Crown andYesYes
Wed 3 Jul 2019LeagueEASAMSvExilesOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoEasams won by 6 wickets (Need details)frimley lYesYes
Thu 4 Jul 2019LeagueFluor CCvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 129-8 beat Fernhill 97-10WatchettsYesYes
Mon 8 Jul 2019LeagueEASAMSvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 116-8 beat Easams 94-7 WatchettsYesYes
Thu 11 Jul 2019LeagueNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 139-7 beat Nokia 117-8WatchettsYesYes
Thu 18 Jul 2019LeagueFluor CCvEASAMSOpen ScorecardEasams 104 for 6 beat Fluor 103-7 Frimley LYesYes
Thu 25 Jul 2019Camberley Midweek Cup FinalNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardFluor 162-12 (net90) lost to NOBs 146-8 (net98) scoresheets neededWatchettsYesYes
Thu 1 Aug 2019LeagueNokia Old BoysvExilesOpen ScorecardNobs 119-4 beat Exiles 118-6WatchettsYesYes
Tue 6 Aug 2019LeagueExilesvFluor CCOpen Scorecardwas 22nd jul, was 25th jlyWatchettsYesYes
Sat 10 Aug 2019Cup-v-Watchetts
Sat 10 Aug 2019Cup-v-Watchetts
Tue 13 Aug 2019Cup-v-Watchetts
Tue 13 Aug 2019Cup-v-Watchetts
Wed 28 Aug 2019FriendlyFluor CCvNokia Old BoysNokia 107-5 chased down Fluor 106aoCrown andYesYes
Wed 4 Sep 2019Cup-v-Watchetts
Wed 4 Sep 2019Cup-v-Watchetts