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Thu 3 May 2018FriendlyNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 116-8 (68) beat Nobs 100-11 (34)Crown andYesYes
Thu 10 May 2018FriendlyEASAMSvExilesWatchetts
Thu 10 May 2018CupFernhill SchoolvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFernhill 143-3 (125) beat Fluor 155-8 (107) Crown andYesYes
Wed 16 May 2018CupFluor CCvEASAMSOpen ScorecardEasams 192-2 beat Fluor 130ish-10ishCrown andYesYes
Thu 17 May 2018CupExilesvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardExiles 129-3 (111) beat Fernhill 153-8 (105) Crown andYesYes
Mon 21 May 2018CupFluor CCvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 132-5 (102) beat Fluor 124-6 (88)Crown andYesYes
Wed 6 Jun 2018FriendlyFluor CCv-Internal PracticeWatchetts
Thu 7 Jun 2018CupExilesvEASAMSOpen ScorecardEasams beat exiles - need scores!Crown andYesYes
Thu 7 Jun 2018LeagueNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardFernhill beat Nokia ...WatchettsYesYes
Tue 12 Jun 2018LeagueEASAMSvNokia Old BoysNokia 55-2 beat Easams 54aoWatchettsYesYes
Thu 14 Jun 2018LeagueFernhill SchoolvEASAMSOpen ScorecardPhoto Photo Photo PhotoFernhill 87-4? beat Easams 86-9WatchettsYesYes
Wed 20 Jun 2018FriendlyNokia Old BoysvFluor CCWatchettsYesYes
Thu 21 Jun 2018LeagueFernhill SchoolvExilesOpen ScorecardFernhill beat ExilesLondon RdYesYes
Tue 26 Jun 2018LeagueEASAMSvExilesOpen ScorecardExiles beat Easams by 5wktsWatchettsYesYes
Tue 26 Jun 2018FriendlyFluor CCvFluor CCLondon rdYesYes
Mon 2 Jul 2018CupExilesvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 172-5 beat Exiles 144-10C&CYesYes
Mon 9 Jul 2018CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNobs 196-9 beat Easams 140-11Crown andYesYes
Tue 10 Jul 2018LeagueExilesvtbcWas autodeskWatchettsYesYes
Thu 12 Jul 2018LeagueNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFleur 120-5 beat Nokia 115-8WatchettsYesYes
Mon 16 Jul 2018CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFernhill 202-2 beat Nobs 201-2 c&cYesYes
Tue 17 Jul 2018LeagueNokia Old BoysvFluor CCAlready played WatchettsYesYes
Wed 18 Jul 2018FriendlyExilesv-not sure
Thu 19 Jul 2018LeagueFluor CCvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFernhill 145-4 beat Fluor 125-9WatchettsYesYes
Tue 24 Jul 2018LeagueEASAMSvFluor CCOpen ScorecardFluor 119-8 beat Easams 117aoWatchettsYesYes
Wed 25 Jul 2018LeagueFluor CCvExileswas watchetts 26thCrown andYesYes
Thu 26 Jul 2018CupExilesvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoExiles 157-5 (127) beat Fluor 144-15 (54) Crown andYesYes
Mon 30 Jul 2018LeagueExilesvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 150-3 beat Exiles 88aoWatchettsYesYes
Thu 9 Aug 2018Cup-v-Watchetts
Thu 9 Aug 2018Cup-v-Watchetts
Thu 16 Aug 2018LeagueFluor CCvExilesRained off possibly on 5th sepC and CYesYes