Playing Amateur Cricket COVID -19 Coronavirus Precautions

 (Updated 14th July 2020 )

1) No spit (or sweat really )  to be used on the ball.

2) One ball to be used per innings (if agreed by captains)

-          This is to keep contacts with ball between that fielding team only

3) Umpires to be face covered and gloved (optional)

-          Umpires will need face coverings to avoid contact with bowlers and batsmen

-          and gloves to keep stumps clean and

-          3a) Stumps to be installed (with sanitised hands) and only fixed  by umpires during game
 After stumps are removed at end of game , hands should be sanitised again.

4) No shaking of hands before during and after games. Virtual high fives or elbows please.

5) No celebrating of wickets with high fives. Virtual high fives please from a distance !

6) When entering or leaving pitch hands should be sanitised except those wearing gloves

7) Fielding practice should use the team’s own ball

8) batsmen can back up and slightly run off the pitch to avoid keeper/umpire and each other

                - we may need batting crease extending for this 2m. see ecb rules

9) Players should socially distance before during and after match and wear face coverings if preferred

10) teams should bring enough multiple bottles of hand sanitiser for team-mates

                - leave on border line to encourage use when leaving entering field

                - leave between car park and benches to encourage use when starting and leaving game

11) No sharing of kit 

12) no lending of coins for toss

13) Scorers to use own paper / pencils unless sanitising before and after use

14) Do not relay ball between keeper and bowler. ( Tricky though) 

15) Umpires not to touch ball at any time.

16) Do not give glasses / hats / umpires to umpires or other players

17) Try to dissuade public from touching the ball !