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YearMnthDayTypeHomeRunsWktsRunsWktsAwayModifiedSorted descendingDate
2020820LeagueFluor CC1739 v 11110Fernhill School08/21/2020 04:59:19 PM08/20/2020
2020730LeagueFernhill School00 v 00Easams08/19/2020 10:43:10 AM08/18/2020
2020828LeagueEasams v Fluor CC08/19/2020 10:40:19 AM08/18/2020
2020811LeagueEasams1305 v 2032Exiles08/19/2020 10:37:19 AM08/18/2020
2020812FriendlyNokia Old Boys v Fluor CC08/17/2020 03:07:53 PM08/16/2020
202085LeagueExiles1448 v 145Fluor CC08/12/2020 09:06:52 AM08/11/2020
202086LeagueNokia Old Boys127-5 v 1398Fernhill School08/12/2020 09:00:16 AM08/05/2020
2020723LeagueExiles1386 v 1338Fernhill School08/06/2020 11:00:22 PM07/26/2020
2020730LeagueNokia Old Boys1405 v 13910Fluor CC07/31/2020 10:03:48 AM07/30/2020
2020721LeagueEasams1279 v 1668Nokia Old Boys07/22/2020 01:11:39 PM07/21/2020
2020714LeagueExiles7910 v 834Nokia Old Boys07/15/2020 09:40:57 PM07/14/2020
2019620LeagueFernhill School v Easams09/24/2019 03:52:04 PM09/23/2019
2019620LeagueFernhill School v Autodesk09/24/2019 03:45:25 PM09/23/2019
2019725Cup FinalNokia Old Boys v Fluor CC09/16/2019 10:09:41 AM09/15/2019
2019627LeagueFernhill School v Exiles09/16/2019 09:56:12 AM09/15/2019
201973LeagueEasams1463 v 1457Exiles08/13/2019 09:52:23 AM07/04/2019
201986LeagueExiles987 v 968Fluor CC08/10/2019 09:16:12 PM08/09/2019
201981LeagueNokia Old Boys1194 v 1186Exiles08/02/2019 11:39:00 AM08/01/2019
2019520CupEasams1087 v 1683Nokia Old Boys07/24/2019 03:00:05 PM05/20/2019
2019523CupExiles00 v 2124Nokia Old Boys07/24/2019 02:11:25 PM05/29/2019
2019626CupNokia Old Boys1519 v 14511Fluor CC07/24/2019 01:47:29 PM06/26/2019
2019711LeagueNokia Old Boys1178 v 1397Fluor CC07/24/2019 01:45:13 PM07/11/2019
2019718LeagueFluor CC1037 v 1046Easams07/24/2019 12:50:01 PM07/23/2019
201965CupExiles v Easams07/12/2019 05:26:49 PM07/11/2019
201965CupExiles v Autodesk07/12/2019 05:25:29 PM07/11/2019
2019529CupExiles v Fernhill School07/12/2019 05:24:21 PM07/11/2019
201978LeagueEasams947 v 1168Nokia Old Boys07/09/2019 10:37:33 AM07/08/2019
201974LeagueFluor CC1298 v 9710Fernhill School07/05/2019 09:21:38 AM07/04/2019
201971CupFernhill School v Nokia Old Boys07/04/2019 09:13:55 AM07/03/2019
2019514CupEasams v Fernhill School07/01/2019 03:25:05 PM05/20/2019