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Score Card BETA

Cody vsNokia Old Boys27-7-2016
Competition: Friendly &nbsb;   Year: 2016
Toss won by:
hidden: 27--2016-Cody-V-Nokia Old Boys mt:

Home team Cody Result:
Points: 0 + Bat Points: 0 + BowlPoints: 0 =0
Runs: Wkts Lost:

Away team Nokia Old Boys Result:
Points: 0+ Bat Points: 0 + BowlPoints: 0= 0
Runs: Wkts Lost:

Match Report and Comments
It was another good match yesterday. I’m saying just good, because it was not an adrenaline fuelled exciting match like past few weeks.

We did the fielding first. Our bowlers showed their mettle from first over itself by restricting runs to bare minimum. With hardly any extras, it was an excellent display of bowling skills by all the bowlers. Fielding was also very good yesterday with no misfielding. We were taking wickets at quick intervals and very soon, they were around 50 for 6. It was then that the new batsman paired up with the existing batsman at the crease to manage a good partnership. One of them retired and the other one was at the verge of retiring when he was dismissed. None of the others managed to stay on the crease for long and the retired batsman had to come back. But he too was soon clean bowled before he can do any damage. They were all out for 95 runs.

It was an easy target to chase but we were not taking things lightly this time (as we had learned a valuable lesson from our debacle 2 weeks back when we struggled to chase 70 runs). Our batsman played very well and in a controlled manner, they kept on making runs without losing wickets easily. Two of our batsman retired, giving a backup security. Even though we knew that we did not require the security, it was nice to have, for moral support. We lost 4 wickets in total but easily made 96 runs in 11th over itself. We are now 3-1 with Cody CC guys.

Well done once again to everyone in the team. We are getting used to winnings now. J I don’t even remember when was the last time when we lost a game. Looking forward to more wins in the future.