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16/02/2012 13:12:52
AOB 2012?
Adam Foster
28/08/2012 15:25:37
I have a few ideas for non played games, bearing in mind the objective is to play as much cricket as possible:
1) If a game cannot be played because of a lack of players, then the game can be provisionally forfeited with the hope that a game can be played later, if weather or time prevents this then the forfeit will be enforced.
2) if a team forfeits the game then the points scored by the other team will be 20pts or the same as the Most points any other team manages winning against the team forefeiting, this is to not penalise teams being the only team to play vmware as this could prevent teams trying to play low strength teams with the hope of getting an easy 20pts as a forefeit, and encourage games to go ahead.
3) games not played due to bad weather cancellations will mean both teams get 5pts still, this is to encourage captains to get games scheduled and played.
18/12/2015 06:36:46
Which came first, the problem or the soluniot? Luckily it doesn't matter.

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