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12/03/2010 16:56:27
Rob has said his team members do not enjoy the 10 aside cup format, too little batting and struggling to get 7 bowlers.
12/03/2010 17:13:20
The last few AGMs everyone has said they are enjoying it so ...
15/03/2010 12:14:34
I'm not a great fan of the format but only because Fernhill can't seem to work out how to be successful at it!
I think the cup is a good way to get more players involved. I just find that we can't take it too seriously otherwise the pressure on the 7th bowler or certain batting pairings is too great.
We mainly use the cup as a warm up for the league ;-)
15/03/2010 13:34:41
I must admit I like the cup format, it makes it easier to get everyone a game.
15/03/2010 14:54:08
I think the cup format is very good. Everyone gets a chance to bat, and bowl if they want, in a pressurised situation. It can only be good for their skills...
19/03/2010 16:16:29
I don't know anyone with a good word to say about the cup format. The whole point of cricket is that you only have the one life. Throw away your wicket and you're gone. The cup feels like a net session with pointless rules.
25/03/2010 15:48:37
If you can't stand the heat in glass houses...don't throw stones at the kitchen :-)
25/03/2010 19:49:57
If finding 7 bowlers is a problem, we could reduce the number to 5. However this seems to give bowlers the upper hand in this format. Alternatively, if everyone has to bat, maybe everyone (except or even including the keeper?) should bowl too? This would mean 15 x 8-ball-overs, everyone has to bowl one over, maximum of 2 overs for any bowler. On this basis, while you can win the league with five or six cricketers (I should know!), the cup rewards a more all round team...
26/03/2010 14:26:11
I like the rules pretty much as they are, in any team there are a few people who really really don't want to /can't bowl and forcing them to could limit the number of players you get for these, 7 bowlers is easy enough to find in a team of 11 and seems about right to me. As for the length of the batting you are allowed I'm not sure if I can think of more than a handful of teams we played last year where neither of the batsmen got out in their 3 overs.
I believe it's important to have a version of the game like this to give everyone a good game and to give people the opportunity to improve - maybe by bowling where they normally don't etc etc.
This is a game to find the strongest overall side, not the side with the best 5 players and is therefore both different and interesting in my view
29/03/2010 13:18:09
One potential improvement to help out the irregular bowlers for the cup format is to use the penalty run system for wides and no-balls, as used in the indoor league, rather than forcing the bowlers to re-bowl the ball - leading to long overs. Its not much fun bowling a 12 or more ball over (I should know :-). If we award a 3 run penalty for any no-ball or wide bowled then it still encourages the bowler not to bowl them & will reward more accurate bowling but would prevent the occasional bowler from having to toil away just to finish his over! Note that the last over of an innings would revert to the normal rules - to prevent a team from tactically bowling no-balls and wides to win a game! Also I'm not suggesting that the definition of what constitutes a no-ball or wide should be changed.
29/03/2010 13:26:13
Regarding the Cup itself - yes it is good to have a different competition to the league & I agree the format does allow everyone to get involved in the game, whereas this doesn't always happen in the league. I personally don't enjoy batting in the cup format as it's frustrating having to come off at the end of 3 overs if you've been batting well! However that shouldn't be a reason to change it & I haven't been able to think up any suitable alternative to the current cup format with the exception of the no-ball/wide bowling change proposed above.
29/03/2010 15:04:05
Problem with the wides and no balls is that a team's umpires may be tempted to be a bit generous.
The indoor rules say if the ball is missing leg stump (not over leg stump) then it is a wide, and the off side wide is determined by a mark outside the stumps.
Indoor games all have neutral umpires too.
We coud ask for these marks to be added, but otherise it gets tricky. I reckon we stick to how we are...

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