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Camberley Midweek Cricket League (2010)

  1. The Camberley Midweek Cricket League offers local organisations an opportunity to meet with like minded people both on the field of play and afterwards, socially, in the Camberley Rugby Club bar. The League is controlled by the League Committee which is made up of a single representative from each team in the League. The Committee shall meet, as necessary, to ensure the smooth running of the League and, in any event, at least once a year to elect a Chairman, Fixture Secretary and Treasurer to serve for a twelve month period. Normally this annual meeting will take place in February, March or April. All voting will be on a simple majority basis and at least four teams will form a quorum.
  2. a. The Treasurer shall prepare accounts to be published within six months of the end of each season. Any surplus should be clearly identified and carried forward to the following season unless otherwise determined by the Committee.

b. The Secretary shall prepare the fixture list for the season. This fixture list should be submitted to the Committee for ratification and the booking of pitches with Surrey Heath Borough Council (SHBC). The first team mentioned in each fixture is designated the ‘home’ team.

c. Each team is responsible for nominating a contact for their team who will act as a two-way communicator between the team and the League Committee.

d. In addition each team will appoint a team captain. For each game played the home team captain is responsible for:

          providing the match ball

          liaison with the other team captain prior to the game

          informing SHBC of any cancellations

          re-arranging postponed or abandoned fixture with the opposing team captain and notifying the fixture secretary of new dates

e. Both captains are responsible for a) agreeing and b) reporting to the fixture secretary within 5 working days the results of each match. In the event that only one side has reported the result within that period, then that shall be deemed to be the result. In the event of a discrepancy between the reported results then the fixture secretary shall request the captains to jointly agree and re-confirm the result of the match within a further five working days.

  1. The League shall consist of up to ten teams. The teams shall play each other once in the season which shall run from 1 May to 15 August.
  2. All matches, where possible, will be played at Watchetts Recreation Ground and will start promptly at 6 p.m. There shall be no reduction in the number of overs if the start is delayed or there is interruption to play for any reason. Failure to finish a match once it has started will result in the match being abandoned as a draw.
  3. Normal rules of cricket will apply unless stated otherwise in these rules.
  4. A new or re-polished ball approved by both captains shall be used for each match.
  5. Each team must supply umpire who, ideally, should officiate throughout the match but in practice teams should umpire their own innings.
  6. Each match shall consist of one innings per side and each innings shall consist of fifteen, eight ball overs.
  7. No bowler shall bowl more than three overs per match.
  8. A batsman shall retire immediately after his individual total reaches, or passes, thirty runs. Thus under normal circumstances his score would range between thirty and thirty-five, the latter being the maximum score ..twenty-nine followed by a six. A retired batsman may resume his innings when the last of the team remaining wickets falls.
  9. The result of a match will be determined solely on runs scored. If the scores are level at the end of a match the result is deemed a tie irrespective of the number of wickets lost by each side.

12. a. If a match has to be postponed due to bad weather, team contacts will be notified, via a telephone call, by the ground staff at Watchetts. This will be done by 3 p.m. on the day of the match. Fitness of the ground for play will rest entirely with the duty groundsman. Team captains are responsible for notifying their team members of the postponement and for re-arranging the match by the end of the season. If it proves impossible to re-arrange, the match it will be considered as abandoned as a draw with each side picking up five points.

b. A match, once started, shall be completed in the same evening unless both captains agree to abandon it as a draw because of bad weather, bad light or other eventuality. Paramount in the decision on whether or not to continue will be the safety of the players. Any dispute should be referred to the League Committee. Team captains are responsible for re-arranging the match by the end of the season and, in these circumstances, the league will bear the pitch costs for the re-arranged match. In the event that it is not possible to re-arrange the match, then the abandoned match result shall stand as having being a draw with each side picking up five points.

13. The points to be awarded are:

Win = 10pts
Tie = 5pts each
Lose = 0pts (a change from previous seasons but made up for by bonus points)
Batting bonus points
50 runs = 1pt (yes it's a low score but why not!)
75 runs = 2pts
100 runs = 3pts
125 runs = 4pts
150 runs = 5pts
Bowling bonus points
2 wickets = 1pt
4 wickets = 2pts
6 wickets = 3pts
8 wickets = 4pts
10 wickets or all available wickets= 5pts
Winning and batting second, wickets in hand bonus points
2 wickets in hand = 1pt
4 wickets in hand = 2pts
6 wickets in hand = 3pts
8 wickets in hand = 4pts
10 wickets in hand = 5pts
HOWEVER, a maximum of 5 points can be awarded for batting/wickets in hand combined. So batting 2nd scoring 100/6 would be worth 5 points. But succesfully chasing 150 without losing a wicket would still only achieve 5 pts. This means a maximum of 10 bonus points are available for both teams each game regardless of batting first or second.
Without this maximum a team batting second has more opportunities to get bonus points.

NB Maximum points for winning side: 20 points. Maximum points for losing side: 10 points.

The League Champions will be that team which gains the most points by the end of the season, subject to rule 16 below.

  1. a. Normally matches must be played on the dates defined in the fixture list, but captains are free to re-arrange matches providing both teams agree and sufficient notice is given.

b. If a match is to be re-arranged, then, in order to avoid cancellation charges, SHBC need to be notified at least three working days before the game. Under these circumstances team captains may re-arrange the match at a convenient date for both sides. Providing this procedure is followed the new match will be paid for by the league. However, failure to notify SHBC of the cancellation of the original game will result in the new fixture being paid for by the teams involved. It is recommended that any cancellations are confirmed in writing to SHBC.

c. Any team cancelling within three working days of the game shall forfeit the match and receive no league points. The non-offending team will receive a walk-over and ten points towards their league position. In this case, any re-arranged matches must be paid for by the two teams involved.

15. Each team will abide by the rules of the authority letting the pitch on which the match is played. Each team must have third party public liability insurance against claims of up to £1,000,000 meeting the requirements of SHBC. Evidence of this insurance must be produced on request.

16. In the event of a tie for the league title, the title shall be awarded to whichever of the tieing teams did best in the league match(es) between them. If this does not produce a winner then the winner will be calculated on runs scored in all league matches divided by wickets lost in all league matches.

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These rules are different form the Cup rules.