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Manzil Sixes Cup 2016

Camberley Midweek Cricket next in 6pmWednesday ? Feb 2017 Royal Standard, Frimley Rd , Camberley.
Last AGM was in Tue 14th Feb 2017

New teams welcome. email Adam.

If your game is postponed or you get a result please email Adam.
if you re-arrange a game after 20th April, it is the home captain's responsibility to cancel the old pitch and book new:
Watchetts and London Rd and with Georgia or Nicky
Crown and Cushion with Nick or Emile .
and email Adam and the other captain .

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WhenTypeHomeCan be sorted ascendingAwayCan be sorted ascendingCommentsPitchBkd?Cfmd?
Mon 1 May 2017NOTEvMay Bank Holiday
Thu 4 May 2017NOTEvHPE Cannot play today
Thu 4 May 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Tue 9 May 2017CupHPEvNokia Old BoysOpen Scorecard**********************>Crown and CushionYesYes
Tue 9 May 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Thu 11 May 2017CupFernhill SchoolvEASAMSAbandoned because of RainCrown and CushionYesYes
Thu 18 May 2017CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolPOSTPONED until 1st JuneCrown and CushionYesYes
Thu 18 May 2017NOTE-v-Easams cannot play today
Wed 24 May 2017CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSNo game, late cancel by EasamsCrown and CushionYesYes
Thu 25 May 2017FriendlyEASAMSv-WatchettsYesYes
Thu 25 May 2017CupHPEvFernhill SchoolNo Game, early cancel by FernhillCrown and CushionYesYes
Mon 29 May 2017NOTE-v-May Spring Bank Holiday
Tue 30 May 2017CupEASAMSvHPEOpen ScorecardEasams 175-9 beat HP 131-16Crown and CushionYesYes
Wed 31 May 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Thu 1 Jun 2017CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNobs 140-7 beat Fernhill 133-6Crown and CushionYesYes
Tue 6 Jun 2017CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNokia 192-9 beat Easams 148-8Watchetts Weather YesYes
Thu 8 Jun 2017CupEASAMSvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardFernhill beat Easams Scores TBCWatchettsYesYes
Thu 8 Jun 2017NOTE-v-General Eelection
Tue 13 Jun 2017LeagueHPEvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoReportNokia 102-8 beat HP 98-6WatchettsYesYes
Wed 14 Jun 2017FriendlyCodyvNokia Old BoysCancelled by CodyCody PyestockYesYes
Thu 15 Jun 2017LeagueAutodeskvFernhill SchoolCancelled Early by AutodeskWatchettsYesYes
Thu 15 Jun 2017FriendlyEASAMSv-*********************>London RdYesYes
Tue 20 Jun 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Wed 21 Jun 2017NOTEvHPE Cannot play today
Thu 22 Jun 2017LeagueFernhill SchoolvNokia Old BoysCANCELLED early by FernhillLondon RdYesYes
Thu 22 Jun 2017NOTE-v-Watchetts Not Available
Tue 27 Jun 2017LeagueNokia Old BoysvEASAMSCancelled early by EasamsWatchettsYesYes
Wed 28 Jun 2017FriendlyNokia Old BoysvtbcNokai 134-4 beat Fleur 109-10Crown and CushionYesYes
Thu 29 Jun 2017NOTE-v-Watchetts Not Available
Thu 29 Jun 2017CupHPEvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardCrown and CushionYesYes
Mon 3 Jul 2017NOTEvFernhill cannot play this week
Tue 4 Jul 2017LeagueHPEvEASAMSCancelled early by RobD WatchettsYesYes
Thu 6 Jul 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Thu 6 Jul 2017NOTE-v-Watchetts not available
Tue 11 Jul 2017LeagueAutodeskvHPEAutodesk have cancelled but poss now Fernhill vs HPEWatchettsYesYes
Wed 12 Jul 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Thu 13 Jul 2017NOTE-v-Watchetts not available
Tue 18 Jul 2017LeagueEASAMSvAutodesk
Wed 19 Jul 2017NOTEvFernhill School breaks up today
Wed 19 Jul 2017Camberley Midweek Cup FinalNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolCANCELLED Late by Fernhill CrownAndCushionYesYes
Thu 20 Jul 2017LeagueFernhill SchoolvHPEHP have cancelled earlyWatchettsYesYes
Tue 25 Jul 2017LeagueNokia Old BoysvAutodeskWatchettsYesYes
Thu 27 Jul 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Thu 27 Jul 2017Camberley Midweek Cup FinalNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolFingers crossedWatchettsYesYes
Mon 31 Jul 2017NOTEvEasams Cannot play today
Tue 8 Aug 2017FriendlyEASAMSv-WatchettsYesYes
Tue 15 Aug 2017LeagueAutodeskvHPEwas 11 julWatchettsYesYes
Mon 28 Aug 2017NOTE-v-Last Watchetts Pitch Date
If your team cannot make a game please rearrange with other captain and let me and the council know ASAP.