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Last AGM was on 13th Mar 2023 Royal Standard, Frimley Rd , Camberley.

New teams welcome. email Adam.

Hoping to start playing 1st July 2020 !

If your game is postponed or you get a result please email Adam.
if you re-arrange a game after 20th April, it is the home captain's responsibility to cancel the old pitch and book new:
Watchetts and London Rd and with Georgia or Nicky
Crown and Cushion with Nick .
and email Adam and the other captain .

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WhenTypeHomeCan be sorted ascendingAwayCan be sorted ascendingCommentsPitchBkd?Cfmd?
Mon 6 May 2024NOTE-v-Bank Holiday
Thu 9 May 2024CupEASAMSvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhotoEasams 170-7 (128) bt Fluor 144-14 (60)Calthorpe Park FleYesYes
Thu 9 May 2024CupFernhill SchoolvFrimley CC AcademyOpen ScorecardPhotoFrimley (145-14 net61) beat Fernhill (net57)Frimley LodgeYesYes
Tue 14 May 2024CupFluor CCvFrimley CC AcademyOpen ScorecardFrimley 115-10 (55) beat Fluor 143-15 (53)Frimley LodgeYesYes
Thu 16 May 2024CupNokia Old BoysvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoNOBs 96-5 beat Fernhill 104-13WatchettsYesYes
Tue 21 May 2024CupFluor CCvNokia Old BoysCancelled because of rainFrimley LodgeYesYes
Thu 23 May 2024CupEASAMSvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardFernhill 94-8 (36) lost to Easams 155-7 (113)FleetYesYes
Mon 27 May 2024NOTE-v-Bank Holiday
Tue 28 May 2024LeagueWestfieldvFrimley CC AcademyRained OffWestfield
Thu 30 May 2024CupNokia Old BoysvEASAMSPostponed rainFleetYesYes
Thu 30 May 2024CupFernhill SchoolvFluor CCOpen ScorecardCancelled Rain. DrawWatchettsYesYes
Mon 3 Jun 2024CupFrimley CC AcademyvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhotoFCC 151-7 (109) beat Nobs 153-13 (75)Frimley CCYesYes
Thu 6 Jun 2024LeagueFluor CCvFernhill SchoolOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 88-0 beat Fernill 86-10Frimley LodgeYesYes
Wed 12 Jun 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-WatchettsYesYes
Thu 13 Jun 2024CupFrimley CC AcademyvEASAMSOpen ScorecardPhotoEasams 226-6 (190 )beat FCC 103-13 (25)Fleet CCYesYes
Thu 13 Jun 2024LeagueFernhill SchoolvNokia Old BoysToo WetWatchettsYesYes
Tue 18 Jun 2024LeagueNokia Old BoysvFrimley CC AcademyPostponed. Nobs cannot raise teamFrimley LodgeYesYes
Wed 19 Jun 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-Frimley LodgeYesYes
Thu 20 Jun 2024NOTE-v-Den vs Eng Euro2024 5pm
Thu 20 Jun 2024CupEASAMSvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhotoEasams 173-6 (137) beat Nobs 147-4 (123)Fleet CCYesYes
Mon 24 Jun 2024LeagueFrimley CC AcademyvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 204-4 beat FCC 109-8Frimley CCYesYes
Tue 25 Jun 2024NOTE-v-Eng v SLO Euro2024 8pm
Wed 26 Jun 2024LeagueWestfieldvEASAMSOpen ScorecardReportEasams 159-6 beat WestfieldWestfield
Thu 27 Jun 2024Camberley Midweek Cup FinalEASAMSvFrimley CC AcademyOpen ScorecardReportEasams 195/4 (171) beat FCC 161/8 (113)
Thu 27 Jun 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-WatchettsYesYes
Wed 3 Jul 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-Washed outWatchetts or FL?
Thu 4 Jul 2024LeagueEASAMSvFrimley CC AcademyOpen ScorecardPhotoEasams 127-10 beat FCC 91-10FleetYesYes
Fri 5 Jul 2024NOTE-v-Euros 2024 QF
Tue 9 Jul 2024NOTE-v-Euros SF1
Tue 9 Jul 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-Frimley LodgeYesYes
Wed 10 Jul 2024NOTE-v-Euros SF 2
Thu 11 Jul 2024LeagueFrimley CC AcademyvFernhill SchoolPosponed Fernhill struggled with team. Frimley CCYesYes
Thu 11 Jul 2024LeagueEASAMSvNokia Old BoysOpen ScorecardPhotoEasams 108-1 beat NOBs 104-9Fleet
Tue 16 Jul 2024LeagueNokia Old BoysvFluor CCOpen ScorecardPhoto PhotoFluor 109/4 beat NOBs 108-10Frimley LodgeYesYes
Wed 17 Jul 2024LeagueEASAMSvFernhill School?
Thu 18 Jul 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-WatchettsYesYes
Mon 22 Jul 2024LeagueFluor CCvEASAMSFrimley lodgeYesYes
Tue 23 Jul 2024LeagueWestfieldvNokia Old Boyscannot do 25 homeWestfield
Thu 25 Jul 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-Watchetts
Wed 7 Aug 2024FriendlyFluor CCv-Frimley Lodge
Thu 15 Aug 2024LeagueFernhill SchoolvWestfieldFrimley LodgeYesYes
Tue 20 Aug 2024LeagueWestfieldvFluor CCWestfield
Mon 26 Aug 2024NOTE-v-Bank Holiday

If your team cannot make a game please rearrange with other captain and let me and the council know ASAP.